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What should you know before shopping at GNC?

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To those of you who doesn't know GNC, GNC stands for General Nutrition Center. It is the leading retailer of nutritional supplements, vitamins, and other health food products. They have over 100 stores in Malaysia, and many others throughout the world. Is impossible you never heard of GNC if you’re into diet and exercise. And perhaps you are about to head right into one yourself. If you are, hold it right there, hear me out.

1. Most of the people who work in GNC know NOTHING about diet, fitness, bodybuilding, weight loss or health or any supplements they want you to buy

These are not doctors, nutritionists, dietitians or personal trainers. So, if you walk into GNC expecting to get any advice and information, I won't count on it. They will try and pretend to have the answers to your questions for the sake of your money. They don’t care if you need the supplements. They just want you to buy it.

If you are fat, they will push the most expensive fat burning supplements. If you are skinny, they will push the most expensive weight gain and muscle building supplements. That’s basically all they know. It's sad but that's the truth!

2. The objective of a GNC employee is SELL SELL SELL!
More specifically, they are trained to do whatever in their power to get you to buy their supplements. They are just similar to a typical SALESMEN! If you have been there, you would probably agree with me. GNC seems to really push their Mega Man/Woman Multivitamin. Am I right?

You can go in there for some protein powder, and an employee will actually say “You know, you should really buy our multivitamin if you’re going to buy this protein powder.” When you ask why, they will just read the details behind the box. They are commission based 'salesmen' that are driven by money, not your well being.

3. Everything in GNC is overpriced.

You basically can get everything cheaper online. Shop online! If your in Malaysia, I’ve come to discover a better place to purchase my supplements. They are called Supplement2Day. Go check out their website. They do deliver to your doorstep with a small amount of fee.

Last but not least,

I want to make it clear that I didn’t write this to portray GNC as the one evil company that only cares about making money. But we are talking about stuffs we put in the mouth. Is concerns our health and body. I hope GNC could change these perceptions. And finally, like I said, I didn’t write this to get people to hate GNC. I just think you should know as a consumer. Because you deserve to know!
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