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About Confessions from an Ex Fat Boy?

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Why I Started the Confessions from an Ex Fat Boy?

Well, the biggest reason is just that I always wanted to make a web site dedicated to weight loss. I want to share my experience as an Ex Fat Boy, how I face it, and the solutions to it. Ever since I was a small child, I was roundish and clumsy in whatever aspect. I've been fat my whole life. My mother took care of me from birth while my dad worked and, as I was the first born child in the family, she love me so much that she also fed me wayyy too much and lots of pasta, rice, soups, potatoes and gravy, fat, sugar and salt. As I got older, I started enjoying food more and more.

I was only 13 when I recall being tormented for being overweight. I was around 150 pounds!!! It’s actually very sad as a lot of my childhood is blocked out of my own memory. I'm left with little images of individual events - your general name calling and getting mildly pushed around. I remember my nickname was "pork chop". I was being called that by the elder boys who thought they were so funny. No one ever stuck up for me. I remember dreading recesses and spending it alone in some random corner where I hoped to be left alone. No one made eye contact with me and people really weren’t all that nice.The last time I remember I was only 17 years old, 5’6” but weigh 210 pounds on the dot!

And so I told myself enough is enough. I had a dream. I wanted to look slim and ripped. I wanted to wear a size M T-shirt without having my excess belly fat sticking out. I want to be a ladies-magnet when I walked down the streets for at least once in my life. Through out the year, I've spent a ton of time seeking out all kinds of diet and workout information through magazines, web sites and forums, and the amount of useless, unnecessary, and just plain wrong information out there is just crazy. As if that wasn't bad enough, the amount of people trying to sell this information or sell some type of book, supplement, pill, machine, membership or product of some kind is even crazier.Don't get me wrong, there is indeed some great free useful and truthful information out there. I just wanted to help add to it.

Regarding Confessions from an Ex Fat Boy itself, essentially all I really want is to provide the tools and information that had helped me to lose weight. I will show you EXACTLY how I did that, so that YOU TOO CAN DO THE SAME THING. So that my dream can be YOUR DREAM too.


Keeven Lim

Ex Fat Boy
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