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Stress Eating.... Solutions?

Posted On 10:56 PM by Keeven |

In light of what happen with regards to ACCA, I was definitively frustrated and stressed. In which this reminds me on my first hand experience on stress eating. Stress eating.. Yes? Familiar? This is one of the most favorite discussion today. I also read about Lori Ann's stress eating issues. Stress eating or what I would like to call DESTRUCTIVE eating because it does nothing good to our body but destroys it along with our dreams actually has no permanent solution. But we can control it. Just look at the photo. See what DESTRUCTIVE eating has done to Jessica Simpson.

Every time I had an argument with my father or whenever i feel tense or wound up, I would want to eat something because it changes my state. At least that's what I think. Every time I wait too long for something or someone I would feel agitated and I would feel better after chewing down something. Especially Chips!! When I was working, I use to reach into my desk drawer for a candy bar or snack after a tense meeting or an uncomfortable run-in with my co-worker. If you are facing something similar like me, YOU ARE A DESTRUCTIVE EATER!!

Try doing this quiz I found on the internet -

We must first start by identifying the situation and acknowledging to ourselves that we are, indeed, turning to food during times of stress and uncertainty.

In order to confront our stress eating, we need to be able to identify what causes it and also come up with other ways to deal with stress. Spend some time trying to figure that out and then substitute it.

Some articles I read stated that exercise and movement are always a good way to deal with stress and tension. Well, it doesn't work for me though. Because every time I hit the gym, I need to stay focus on my daily goal. I have to mentally fit in order to workout and it doesn't work the other way around for me. However, it may be possible to take a quick walk around the block or up a few flights of stairs to clear my head.

I would encourage listening to music or writing out feelings of frustration in a journal or even here in your blog like what you have been doing can be a productive way to let go of stress instead of turning to the refrigerator. If you love talking and it helps to talk to a friend, then making a phone call can be a stress reliever. I always call my gym partner when I'm unhappy. By doing that, the person on the other end can tell if I am are eating while talking. So back to my earlier posts, choose a friend that is also working toward healthier eating habits, then you can be a support-system for each other. If your feeling agitated at night, try taking a bath. You'll be surprise. It works wonders.

Oh! And I read from some of the others blogs that they usually get stressed up too much with their chores. My advice, stop worrying so much about cleaning the house, doing the laundry, washing the dishes and running around from left to right. Take time for yourself. Think of this as MUMMY'S STRESS BREAK! If you take care of yourself first, you will be a much better person.

And last but not least, chew a piece of gum during the time of the day when you typically eat because of stress. Works all the time for me!

To sum it up:
1)Identify and substitute
2)Express it, instead of eating it
3)Bath, Bath, Bath
4)Mummy's Stress Break!
5)Start Chewing GUM!
31 Response to 'Stress Eating.... Solutions?'
  1. Diane, Fit to the Finish'> August 30, 2009 at 12:23 AM

    This is really a lot of good information. As I was losing all my weight one of the hardest things to do was learn to identify "why" I was eating the things I ate that weren't good for me.

    Great tips, all of them!


  2. Lori Ann'> August 30, 2009 at 10:59 AM

    Thanks Keeven! Lots great info! I'm getting it under control! My hubby is going out of town next week and my stepson is going to his Mom's house (I think), so I'm going to send the three year old to grandma and poppa's for a few days and have some Mummy's stress break time! Thanks for commenting on my blog too!


  3. Keeven'> August 30, 2009 at 11:14 AM

    No problem Lori.. We are all here to share and help one another. Have a nice Mummy's Stress Break!!

    Thank you people for the support..


  4. foolsfitness'> August 30, 2009 at 11:35 AM

    With emotional eating or stress eating, I really try to remind myself that what ever "hole" it is in me that I'm trying to fill, food may sedate it for a bit but won't fill it... and will make it worse in the end too.

    Of course we are in charge of what we ultimately put in our mouths but just look at the holidays and celebrations like weddings and such, so much of our lives revolve around food. It's like some huge plot conspiracy to keep people from living real lives.

    You have really built a new body! Of course at foolsfitness it's about bodybuilding too... built by junk food and mac and cheese!- Alan


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