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My Journey - Reliving it

Posted On 11:32 PM by Keeven |

I'm starting a new section in my blog. Its called "My Journey - Reliving It".

So "What is My Journey - Reliving It" all about?
It is my very own never been reveal before personal diary. I recently recovered my long lost journal stating my ups and downs in my quest to fitness. I found some very good insights and decided to go public with it. You get to see and experience my feelings throughout my 32 weeks. My never before been told secret emotions and how U overcome them. I couldn't believe how far I've come from. The road to success has never been an easy one. Life is hard, it eats you from inside out. But F*cK it. You hear voices in your head, constantly doubting yourself. Getting up everyday every morning when the sky is still dark. But your life was already dark ever since. Living behind shadows all this while is already chewing you up. But what's the difference of what you are doing now? So why do you still do it? Is it for Fame? or is it for Glory? You are doing it because you got something to prove to yourself. That you are not a Loser. That you are more than just this. This life, this journey, this quest is about believing the impossible. Its about fulfilling your destiny, becoming the person you ought to be. So hang on for this 32 weeks and make sure you never let go. So again what is "My Journey - Reliving It"? The purpose is to rewalk this journey with you. And at the end of the 32 weeks, you'll know where you stand. The destination has been set. The journey starts with Week 1, my fellow comrades! Come back and follow regularly how I live my journey in each post. Now hold on tight, share with me your journey and the best for every week will be review here exclusively for the next 32 weeks. Relive my journey!

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3 Response to 'My Journey - Reliving it'
  1. Kai'> September 27, 2009 at 10:30 AM

    This is a very good idea and it will help a lot of people out! The journey is definitely not an easy one, and people should expect that especially reading about your ups and downs.


  2. Keeven'> September 27, 2009 at 11:15 PM

    Hi Kai,
    Nice to see you here again. Yea, I was cleaning up my room when I found a old red dusty book in one of the boxes. How surprise I was to find my old training log. I read and I couldn't even recognise that person inside it. I coudn't believe I was once such a guy emotionally tarnished. Self esteem drop deep on the ground. That's why I decided to share. So make sure you stay tune and relive this journey with me once again.


  3. Lisa Sargese'> September 28, 2009 at 12:18 AM

    Wow. That is REALLY brave of you! So many will be helped because they'll read what you wrote and know they're not alone AND that they can be healthy too. Thanks for being so open about your struggles.