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Keep track of how much weight you are losing with a weight loss tracking chart is a a significant step. There is nothing more motivating than seeing your results thus far in black and white.

There are tonnes of benefits to be gained from a weight loss tracking chart. Firstly it is the best way to see your results and how you are progressing with the diet and exercise. Secondly you can monitor how much you are losing each week or each month - see what works, what doesn’t. I don't believe in weighing yourself more than once a week if you are trying to lose weight. Try to pay attention to which of your meals really satisfies your hunger, what times of day (or days) that you are particularly vulnerable to hunger or poor meal choices so that you can plan better, and try to identify small diet or exercise changes that you can make on an ongoing basis to continue losing weight.

Another benefit is you can check whether your weight loss system is useful enough for achieving your short term and long term weight loss goals. Here I have included some tools,software and programs that you can use which I recommend you do cause it will definitely assist you.

BWM 2.0 Diet Manager Freeware

This BWM (Biometric Weight Manager) diet manager is a program oriented to people you wants to start a new life, losing weight, or either taking control of their own food and combining these good things with some exercise. This software can be downloaded for FREE. The program will help you achieve your personal goals, weight loss, diet, nutrients, etc. What I particular like is how you will be able to receive a daily feedback throught detailed graphics reports basic on your weight goal progress. When you start using your BWM diet manager program, you will need before to complete your personal profile to obtain your daily basis. Each day you can register your activities, food, exercise, etc. Your will be able to have your own dairy of your regular life. BWM Manager, allow you to set up your own diet plan and corresponding nutrient percentages. You can also configure your program in combination with some popular diet programs like Atkins, South Beach, Shape Up, etc. So, if you want to have a healthier life with a very good tracking system, I'll definitely recommend this!

Basal Metabolic Rate Calculator
BMR is the total number of calories your body requires for normal bodily functions (excluding activity factors). This includes keeping your heart beating, inhaling and exhaling air, digesting food, making new blood cells, maintaining your body temperature and every other metabolic process in your body. In other words, your BMR is all the energy used for the basic processes of life itself. It is very important to note that the higher your lean body mass is, the higher your BMR will be. This is very significant if you want to lose body fat because it means that the more muscle you have, the more calories you will burn. Muscle is metabolically active tissue, and it requires a great deal of energy just to sustain it.

Download this FREE software to estimate your metabolic rate and the recommended calorie intake according to your height, weight and age. Also taking into account how active you are and if you are male or female

With you have access to a lot of great features to help you on your fitness journey. Here are some of these features:

- Easy to use food diary
- Food database with information on 6,000 different foods (and growing)
- A personal food database
- Discussion forums for support and motivation
- Personalized diet profile
- Flexibility

The best part about is that it is always 100% free. They don’t charge any fees for any of these services.

One of the best features of is the community side. Having the support of others in your weight loss or muscle building efforts could be the missing key to your success. That’s why its always recommended that you have a training partner and also that you hang out with people headed in the same direction that you are. While you may not get a training partner (although you might find a local buddy there), you can at least get some great moral support. Check them out sometime!

Free Weight Tracking Calendar is an interactive diet program that allows you to plan your diet, track your progress and achieve the weight loss results you desire. Featuring a free tracking calendar for tracking your weight, setting goals and charting your progress. A deluxe version of the program allows you to track your meals, find a diet buddy, start a diet blog and more! If you have some spare cash, do invest in this. It's worth it. If not, the BWM 2.0 Diet Manager will do just find.

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