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10 Crazy Things You Can Do to Lose Weight At Home

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1. Brush your teeth using the normal toothbrush. Move those hands. Do not use electric toothbrush.
2. Stand up and take shower instead of lying on bath tub. Sing while you scrub your body! Try reach for your back while your at it. Its a very good form of stretching.
3. When you are watching television, sit on a balance ball rather than on the sofa.
4. Walk to the television if you want to change the channel or volume. Do not use the television remote control.
5. After you finish washing dishes, dry them instead of leaving them to drain.
6. Don't use the juice machine. Try squeezing the fruit with your hands.
7. If you see a housefly, chase and hit it with magazine or newspaper. Do not use spray
8. Use a cordless phone and dance around the house when you are talking on the phone.
9. Bend over and stretch those legs when you pick up those laundry from the basket.
10. Put on some music and cut up the rug. Dancing improves your mood.
OK... make it eleven. Man will love this.
11. Have sex more often. And I mean with your partner!.

Do you have more to add to the list? Feel free to comment.
2 Response to '10 Crazy Things You Can Do to Lose Weight At Home'
  1. Rex Harris'> September 13, 2009 at 1:10 PM

    This is a very cool post! People don't think about it but any activity burns calories and burning calories takes weight off. The simple things we do everyday will help in the process of losing the weight if we take the initiative to make the change. Great post!


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