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Monday updates: Project 31

Posted On 1:25 PM by Keeven |

Project 31 has been getting a little slow responds. Nevertheless, it is starting to peak up gradually. Thank you for supporting Project 31.

This are the habits and goals of the participants of Project 31. And I am hoping to get an update from all of you. This is to keep you focused and devoted. It will act like a checklist. Other people are encourage to join in and comment on each others problems, achievements and progress. I would like to know:

1. One positive thing you noticed this week.
2. What are you looking forward to next week.

To those of you who just join in, its all right, you can share too. And to those who had yet to join in, JOIN IN RIGHT NOW! Make the change today!

I'm in on Project 31! My habit is going to be exercise ... EVERY SINGLE DAY. Thank you for doing this ... I need all the help I can get.


I'm back. :)

I commit to 20 minutes of exercise a day. I will mainly focus on Pilates though because I've been having some back pain and I know from experience that Pilates usually helps me with that. Plus, Pilates always makes me stand taller and feel leaner. It's a win win!


Ok, my behaviour change:
1) Earlier to bed so I can get up at 6:00 to exercise my dogs. It will be dark, but I need to do it early cause I'm really bad in my time management
2)It will get me fitter and I want this to be a long term habit, building on and supporting other healthy habits.(not to mention good for the dogs!)
3)It will be different this time because I’m going to start my change the night before, relaxing and going to bed early.

Hi all,

I’d love to join this challenge – hope I’m not too late.

My habit that I will break is to stop buying packets of junk food and eat it all in one sitting. If I feel the urge to do that, I will read a letter that I’ve written to myself about all the reasons why I shouldn’t, and eat something healthy instead.

I will do this for the next 31 days. I will then continue to do this after the 31 days are over.

Thanks for this project Keeven!

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