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New Look Launched

Posted On 12:30 AM by Keeven |

A year ago, a friend of mine was asking me to share my results with the world. At that moment, I did help around the gym and gave a tip or two to friends who asked me for advise. After all, I am not a certified trainer (but I'm planning to). But other than that, there's nothing much I can do. Yet I wanted to reach out to the larger population. Every time I manage to help someone achieve success, it was very fulfilling. Hearing their problems, sharing experiences and exchanging workout programs. It helps us to be a better person. It was then until recently did I discovered the power of the BLOG. And to my surprise I never thought that there will be people actually following Confessions from an Ex Fat Boy. Thank you for supporting the beginning of a yet another wonderful adventure for me. You guys rock! Therefore, as a gift to all Confessions from an Ex Fat Boy's readers, I've decided to update and give it a more corporate look.That presents me with quite a challenge today. I am no html pro. So it is no easy task for me. I wanted something that look both clean and easy to navigate whilst accommodating comprehensive information and a little advertisement place. Nevertheless, that is exactly what has been achieved in the new look. I am still working on some small minor details and a nice design for my title. I'll appreciate if anyone would like to offer their services to design. So to all of you who visited during the maintenance period, I apologize. I also included a Feature column to preview weekly hot topics. I'm ought to customize my twitter. But right now, I'm overall quite happy with it. I hope you like the new look and find it easy to use. If you have any questions, comments or suggestions, please do not hesitate to drop a comment! Thank you!
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