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Great Ways I Start My Day

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Well,losing weight can at times be really really hard to handle. Sometimes we would feel like crying for no reason. We feel depress and agitated. Frustrated and angry. Or even suicidal. Often it is very depressing for me when I see my friends enjoying pizza with extra toppings and cheese and all I can have was salad. We sometimes get so tired up at work and chores but yet we need to force our lazy ass to do some exercise. The stress keeps building up when we step foot on the scale and the needle was pointing at the same number as last week. Throughout the years, I've learned that how you plan to start the morning can be really helpful in determining the rhythm for the rest of the day. I always make sure I start the morning with some added kick into it. And before I knew it, soon this extra activity became a healthy lifestyle habit. I wish to share with you some of the great activities I incorporate into my morning routine that can leave me better able to handle the stress. Try one or try all. Experiment with it, and take the pick which suits you best.

Dance in the Shower
Personally this is my favorite. Its more of stretching but I prefer to call it dancing. Enjoy the hot water splashing down on you. Move your head from left to right and lift both your arms up. Gift it a nice stretch. Sing along while your doing it. The hot water will loosen up your muscles, so it’s easier to get a good stretch. Dancing aka Stretching will help you to start the day feeling more relaxed and ready to face what lies ahead of you.

Morning Walk
I think many hate doing this. I use to dislike waking up in the morning to exercise. You need not have to jog or run. Just walk and enjoy the fresh morning breeze against your face. I think I need not have to tell you the benefits of walking. The benefits of walking have practically a long list! Oh! bring a dog with you, you’ll be lavished with attention as well!

I don't think I need to explain much on this. Many of you reading this might be blogging way longer than I have. Blogging on your weight loss progress leads to increased self-awareness. Writing your issues downs can help you release negative emotions, and share them with people who are facing them as well.

Eat a Balanced Breakfast

Breakfast is known as ‘breaking the fast'. And it means having bagel and coffee alone is not enough. They contain nothing but empty calories. Always start the morning with a healthy balance meal both protein,carbs and fruits. You need sufficient blood sugar levels to handle physical and mental stress. Without it, you won't be able to follow through the day without eating more unwanted calories on the next meal. Read more.

This has really been my habit till today. Every morning the first thing I do I switch on my speakers. And the music goes bom! Put on your favorite songs. A mixture of slow and fast songs. Music has been shown to reduce stress. Listening to slow song will give you a soothing feel and a sense of peace. If you choose to play party songs like me, you'll create positive energy. Listen to music as you get ready and start your day, adding a sense of peace to your morning walk, relaxing your body in the shower, and stimulating your mind as you blog.

If you have any great ideas, share them with me..

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  1. Antoinette'> September 13, 2009 at 12:25 AM

    You just reminded me of how much I used to enjoy my morning walk before work. Now that I stay at home with my daughter, I've been using that as an excuse why I couldn't still do this. I've been dying for some "me" time. I think I might start getting up before she wakes and before my husband leaves so that I can take a walk with my iPod. Would probably give me a great start to the day. Thanks for the reminder!