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Day 2 of Annie's 365-Mile Challenge.

Posted On 10:41 PM by Keeven |

The second day of Annie's 365-Mile Challenge and I feel as pumped up as ever. Today I step into the gym ready physically and mentally focused...I'm starting to feel into the challenge after looking at how others had been so motivated to clocked in their durations. I'm ready to beat my own record yesterday.
And my positive mindset seem to paid off.

Today's Workout

Duration: 28 minutes
Elevation: 3
Speed: 12
Calories Burned: 305
Distance: 5km which is equivalent to 3.1miles

Then I proceed to my abs exercise. (15 minutes)
30 x 3 crunches
30 x 3 Cross-Body Crunch
10 x 3 Air Bike
10 x 3 Lying Leg Raise

Stationary Bike
Duration: 35 minutes
Calories Burned: 223
Distance: 7.1 miles

Followed by my back workout: (30 minutes)
12 x 4 Pullups
12 x 4 Wide-Grip Pulldowns Behind The Neck
12 x 4 Wide-Grip Lat Pulldown
12 x 4 Elevated Cable Rows

My total duration of my workout today is 108 minutes.Pretty high intensity.
Total distance: I got in 13.2 miles on my second day.

A rapid increase from my second day. But I know its due to the stationary bike. Nevertheless another great workout at the gym that I encourage everyone to try. Combination of high intensity cardio and weight trainings. It do you wonders.

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