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What District 9 got to do with weight loss

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District 9... Is one Awesome and disturbing yet inspirational movie!
I've just watch District 9 and to those of you who have not, Go watch it.

In short, District 9 features a gazillion of aliens which mothership stranded right over Johannesburg, South Africa. We humans decide to take in the stranded visitors by providing them food and shelter. Hence, the MNU (Multi-National United) is created to oversee the welfare of the aliens.

In my opinion, the film is so confrontational and depressing to watch. There are many lessons to be learned here. What District 9 got to offer is something more than ordinary. There are over 2,000,000 aliens in the camp. And when faced with desperate relocation of illegal refugees (the aliens), with scarce resources and almost no humanitarian aid, human beings resort to brutal measures. The black Africans who suffered under their leader, Apartheid dominates Johannesburg, telling news crews "It would be different if they were just from another country. What rights do we grant to non-human life forms?" These gangs have exploited the aliens, trading them cat food (somehow the aliens loves them) for their valuable weapons and ruling the village with cruel violence. We are given a very peculiar picture of human intolerance and greed.

All these issues came into my mind when I watch District 9. It will be hard to not compare District 9 with what is happening in the real world. We humans can be very selfish and prejudice towards something or someone whom are indifferent to the main population. When applied towards the fat people, it is very disappointing. Just because we are fat, does not mean it gives others the right to treat us unrighteous and disrespectful. We today are so blinded by materialism and appearance that we may without knowing outcast others whom are unlike us. Like the aliens in District 9, these outcast people do the best they can to survive in today's society while longing to be accepted.

Then we have the hero, Wikus van something something. Sorry. I can't really remember. He started as a normal average guy working for the MNU but is forced to become violent to survive. Wikus reminded me of my former self. A guy who refuses to accept what’s happening to him. He thinks he’s just having a terrible nightmare. He didn’t want to be a lab rat for the MNU and he didn’t want to be part of the aliens’ escape plan. All Wikus wants to do is return to his normal self. Though he took sometime, but eventually he did accept the person he has become and stood up bravely for his alien friend. This is a lesson we should all learn. The earlier we accept that we are different and that we have chosen the path to change, the easier the journey would be for us. There is no point running away from the fact. Accept that we need to achieve a certain goal and do it! Stop running away from it!

So to those of you who haven watch District 9, go watch it. Whether you love it or hate it I think we all agree we need some "moral enlightment".
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