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Tranformation is a journey, not jus the end

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Today, it begins - the first day of what will probably be an entirely new relationship with food an entirely new relationship with your body. One of the most remarkable things about making a true commitment to transforming your weak, fat, flabby framed body into the strong, ripped, muscular version of your ideal self is the impact that this journey will have on your entire life. Everything that we do, say, or think in this world acts incorelation from the rest of our life situation like a ripple effect that moves outward into other areas of our life.

For example if you begin by making simple changes to your diet in an effort to eat healthier, more nutritious and muscle-building foods, this change will also effect: the way you feel (i.e. your emotional state), your daily energy levels (i.e. your vitality), your interaction with others (i.e. your relationships), your ability to work, focus, and get things done (i.e. your career) and so on.

Beyond that, people will take notice and see the improvement that this effect is having on your life, which could lead them to make more conscious dietary decisions themselves. In other words, you've become a positive example to others merely by making the decision to transform your body, and this decision is having an impact not only on your own life but in the lives of others.

When you make the commitment to transform your body, you are, in effect, taking a journey to radically transform every aspect of your life.
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  1. Chung'> August 26, 2009 at 10:15 PM

    hey, is that really you. You are so amazing! Such an impressive testimony... Wish I had the motivation you had. Keep updating your blog basically transformed from a bear to a macho man, *wink* Haha, keep up the fantastic new life of yours.