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F**K it ACCA...

Posted On 1:52 PM by Keeven |

I am seriously damn piss off right now. I couldn't work out. I feel immobilize, tire and I couldn't even run for 10 minutes without having this trouble lingering around my head. My head feels so much heavier than a 25lbs dumbbell. I picked up the weights only to put it back right down. I only did 2 sets of biceps curl and I decided to call it off. I thought everything would be find. And that I would give up my job and concentrate on finishing up my ACCA examinations. But I was wrong.

ACCA is suppose to be one of the oldest accounting body and claims to be the best of the best for professional accountants. They even proudly tell the world Why ACCA? If ACCA is so much world class, then i wonder what about the people working there. Let me summarize them for you. S**T!

As far as I'm concerned, they have the worst customer service. Two months ago, I called up ACCA Malaysia to make an inquiry. The female on the end of the phone was totally rude. All I wanted to know was why I tried calling so many times but I couldn't get through and she said with so much sarcasm in her voice - "We have to eat do you know that?". Not even a word of apology. Great!

Nevertheless, I took the liberty to go straight to their office somewhere in Dang Wangi. I took the LRT (is like a subway) to avoid any unnecessary jam. I had a hard time searching for Wisma Denmark and ended up asking a passerby. Not only they didn't have a proper signboard on their building, it was quite well hidden. The female at the counter was very very very unhelpful. She just gave me a few brochures and ask me to read them but all I wanted was someone to verify my exemptions. I even printed out their exemption inquiry form from their website and took the time to fill it up. And as she reluctantly flip through my qualifications, she grimly look at me and say - "Oh. You don't need this form as your a Monash graduate. You are given 9 papers exemptions as stated on the website. All we need is your Academic Transcript". I was wondering why the female on the phone couldn't have told me this earlier. Then there is no need for me to come second time.

But that was just small matters. Till this morning when I receive their so called "WELCOME PACKAGE", only to realize I was given only 7 papers exemptions. I was fuming with anger. I had enrolled myself with a university and paid the school fees in full. I can't take the exam for my current paper till I complete the other 2 papers which I was suppose to be exempted from. What am I to do now? I do not understand. Why couldn't they inform me earlier? Classes for ACCA started in July and they are only telling me now!! I am seriously pissed of! And they never gave me any reason. Why is this? I was assured by Monash University that everything would be find and I'll be given the appropriate exemptions. I do not know what to do now? I am seriously stressed up.

I wonder is there anyone out there facing the same problem.
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  1. Syl'> August 29, 2009 at 8:38 PM

    Thanks for stopping by my blog.
    I was able to read your story and can say how easy it is to blame our mothers, but really they are the ones that guide us through our childhood. I feel the same way that you did growing up, and because of that now, I am raising my two boys differently. They know what fruits and vegetables are and ofen times you hear them ask me if something is healthy. It's a great way to break the chain of generations!

    Congratulations on your successes!


  2. Lori Ann'> August 29, 2009 at 8:46 PM

    Sorry for your frustration! I hate companies that "certify" people in professional fields! I know they are a necessary evil, but still do they have to be so rude and unwilling to help. I have taught in 3 different states which means that I have had to apply for state certification and reapply to keep my certification. Each state has different rules, different requirement and different certifications! I hold 5 different certifications in Mississippi, but Louisiana and Florida recognize only one of them. So, I can only get a job in my current state in the one area, deaf education...guess how many jobs are available for that? Zip! I feel your pain! Now I don't even teach anymore. If I ever do, I will have to go back to college to be re-certified.


  3. Keeven'> August 29, 2009 at 10:11 PM

    Hi Syl,
    I use to blame my mum for making me fat. But she is trying to be MUM. A mother who loves her kid so much that she would do anything to protect him no matter what! You should be very proud of yourself for trying to make a difference in your children. Good luck!

    Hi Lori Ann,
    Nice to see you again. Thank you for caring. I feel better knowing there is someone out there which understands my frustration.